Ladies, listen up!

You’ve been misled.

That’s right—

Conventional wisdom and (outdated) studies about “the optimal age to conceive” just aren’t accurate.

*insert gasp*


Women of a certain age know the looks and unwanted advice we’re in for when it’s revealed that we’re over the age of 29 and without any kids.

“C’mon woman... your clock is ticking!”

“You know, when I was your age, I had 3 little ones already…”

“You’ve found your soulmate so… what are you waiting for?”

If you’re nodding and eye rolling something fierce already, you’re in the right place.

Besides being hella judgemental (and annoying), those well-meaning comments all stem from one GIANT, very incorrect belief:

That as YOU mature your eggs do too AND that your golden window of fertility automatically and dramatically dims along the way.

This line of thinking says you have no say in the matter.

That your producing dim eggs is inevitable.

That if you’ve already been diagnosed with any of the following:





Low libido

Blood sugar regulation issues ...Hangry anyone?

Early menopause …

Vaginal dryness

Irregular periods or lack of periods

PMS or painful periods, breast tenderness


Difficulty losing weight


Mood swings, Anxiety, depression

Sugar cravings

Yeast infections (itchy or fishy .. no bueno)


Hair Loss or unwanted hair growth


That if you have any of these conditions or symptoms your eggs are ALREADY as dull and dim as they come so you better start saving now for medical interventions like IVF or IUI.

This is just not accurate.

Hi! I’m Dr. Lauren Noel ND, otherwise known as Dr. Lo.

I’m the owner of Shine Naturopathic Medicine, a holistic medical clinic in Solana Beach, California where I’ve treated over 5000 patients using natural therapies. I’m the founder of the Dr. Lo Show podcast—a top rated podcast on iTunes with over 2 million downloads, and I’m the creator of a unique fertility longevity program for women and couples called Golden Eggs.

I created Golden Eggs for totally self-serving reasons. Not gonna lie. 

I intend to have a family one day (right now I'm Mama to my pooch, Dinah).

For the time being, my deep entrepreneurial drive coupled with a burning desire to help people live bright, shiny vibrant lives through the power of alternative treatments and protocols is my top priority.

So is maintaining my Golden Girl Status. 

NO...not like Blanche and Rose ;) 

I follow the same fertility longevity protocol I use with my clients because I know I know it works. And because I value my ability to choose when I want to start a family.

And I'm not alone...


You’re not at the mercy of an invisible clock or the birthdate on your license.

And even if you do have specific health conditions that are known to affect your ability to conceive or the quality of your eggs, there are things YOU CAN DO do to produce healthy, “golden” eggs.

The fact is...your eggs, right now, are in a state of immaturity.

They can’t really be classified as dim nor golden—UNTIL they are selected to mature.

This selection process takes about 3 to 4 months and the actions you take during this window are the key to EVERYTHING.

Which means before and as your eggs mature, you actually have IMMENSE POWER…

The research on this front is clear and promising.

As Naturopathic Doctor I’ve done the research for myself and my patients.

There are specific toxins, hormones and nutrient deficiencies negatively affect egg quality. Take BPA and phthalates (in plastics) for example. We now know that high exposure to these toxins can severely affect egg quality (and sperm quality too). Smoking and second-hand smoke is also harmful. So is the hormone cortisol...a by-product of stress. The list goes on.

The good news is research also indicates that targeted detoxification, nutrition supplementation, and changes in diet can have a drastic improvement in egg quality. These are all factors YOU can control.

Here’s the key takeaway:

You have the POWER to produce eggs that are golden or dim.

The secret to harnessing that power within comes from the actions you take before your eggs are selected to mature.

What you do prior to ovulation goes is completely up to you.

You can use this time to shine up your eggs.

You just need to the roadmap to get to GOLDEN…

Revealing the step-by-step roadmap to increasing your fertility naturally is the exact gift I give to many of my patients.

On that front I’ve got a 100% success rate...and a whole lotta golden babies who might not be here otherwise.

It’s also the roadmap I’ve used for years myself as my own little fertility insurance policy.

Yep, despite spending my the majority of my 30s building a clinical practice, I’m NOW MORE FERTILE TODAY than I was in my 20s!

p.s.: Did you know doctors now call a pregnancy after age 35, a “geriatric pregnancy”. Um, hi, I’m not 95. And I’m not a member of the AARP. I don’t play bridge. ;) 

Hi, I’m Jessica O'Byrne

I started seeing Dr Noel long before I got pregnant, however it was something we incorporated into my health plan. We worked on making sure I could avoid any deficiencies or potential problems for when I was ready. When my husband and I decided to plan for it, I barely blinked and got pregnant. I have had no real complaints my whole pregnancy and have been feeling great! Im almost to my due date and was working 12 hr shifts with no problems, still working out and walking my dog every day and sleeping fine. I had some visits with Elizabeth the nutritionist as well to make sure I was getting in everything I need for a growing baby. My concern with pregnancy is that a lot of people think "I can eat whatever I want," but I wanted to make sure that I was putting in the right stuff. It seems imperative to have the right building blocks if you're doing something as important as creating a little person. I attribute my easy pregnancy to creating a great team around me including everyone at Shine, my chiropractor and acupuncturist, and choosing an OB-Gyn whose views on pregnancy and labor align with mine. I know postpartum and breastfeeding will be a breeze too with the help of everyone at Shine!

- Jessica O'Byrne

For the first time in history, more women are having children in their 30s than their 20s!

So many women and couples are focused on living their lives and building their careers. They're not making babies (until the time feels right to them).

Of course you wouldn’t know that by listening to outdated myths that I bust up every time a new patient comes into our clinic to discuss her ability to get pregnant.

She's likely been told...

  • That she can’t improve her egg quality
  • That her fertility is determined by her age
  • That her inability to conceive is likely related to her 'bad plumbing' 
  • That her husband or partner can’t do anything to enhance his sperm quality
  • That supplements have no scientific evidence in boosting fertility
  • That detoxing has little to no effect on egg quality
  • That her gut health has no effect on her fertility

It’s all bull...and it’s so damaging. 

It brings women into our clinic every week thinking they’re broken and without natural conception options. That places even MORE stress on the system (FYI STRESS is a major egg dimmer).

Luckily these women quickly learn exactly how easily we can help them create Golden Eggs!

We do this together using by focusing on and making lifestyle shifts in what I like to call the "8 Pillars of Golden Eggs": 

  1. Nutrition 
  2. Movement
  3. Mindset
  4. Social
  5. Detox
  6. Supplements
  7. Sleep
  8. Recharge

And what happens when all these pillars are shining strong and all lit up?


Meaning...your eggs are GOLDEN, baby, and as a result you also experience...

  • HIGH ENERGY - You have an abundance of energy to go for what you want.
  • IMPROVED MOOD - No more emotional roller coaster! Your mood is balanced and you feel at ease.
  • CYCLE REGULATION - Your menstrual cycles are like clockwork --regular and predictable.
  • EASY PERIODS - PMS is a thing of the past. Your periods are a breeze and you don’t experience the cramping, mood swings, water retention that we are conditioned to think is “normal”.
  • GORGEOUS HAIR & NAILS - Your hair has a new shine and your nails grow strong.
  • TOTAL DETOX - Your body safely releases toxic buildup you’ve held on to for years and maintains a clean internal environment.
  • PAIN RELIEF - Your inflammation levels drop and your pain disappears.
  • FAT LOSS - You reach and easily maintain a balanced body composition.
  • REJUVENATING SLEEP - Your sleep is restorative and uninterrupted.
  • INCREDIBLE SEX- Your libido is rockin’ and sex is pleasurable.
  • GLOWING SKIN - Dry, flaky, wrinkle-prone skin becomes clear, smooth and glowing.
  • MENTAL CLARITY - No more brain fog! You've got a sharp memory, and access to your creativity.
  • A SENSE OF POWER - You feel powerful and a sense that - you've got this.
  • HIGH FERTILITY - You are able to get pregnant with ease when you’re ready to.

So what do you receive in the Golden Eggs fertility longevity course???

All Golden Girls receive...

  • 6 recorded classes with worksheets (your homework) covering the 8 Pillars of Golden Eggs.
  • A four (4) week nutrition meal plan with recipes and shopping lists so you can prep on Sunday and have easy meals all week long.
  • Supplement recommendations for optimizing your egg quality
  • A bonus class covering “Golden Swimmers” to support your partner in boosting his fertility to match yours

Here's a peek into each module’s golden touch:







  • Should I Freeze My Eggs?
  • What About Golden Sperm?
  • Naturopathic Support For IVF Or Egg Freezing
  • 4 Week Golden Eggs Meal Plan And Recipes

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